The strongest lifiting chart of any 5 axle 100T Crane

The All Terrain Liebherr Crane LTM 250-6.1 features the strongest lifiting chart of any 5 axle 100T Crane. Able to travel legally on road with 11T of countwerweight and 2 winches, this Liebherr Crane delivers maximum mobility, greater safety and economy.

Terms & Conditions

A copy of the COSA Cranes Australia Dry Hire Agreement will be provided upon hire confirmation.


Our logistics team can assist with dry hire mobilisation and demobilisation if required. Quote upon request.

Local Australian

COSA Cranes Australia began in the small Western Victorian town of Harrow in 2006. Now, we’re nationwide.

Wet or dry

A versatile crew of crane operators and riggers are available, as well as a team of maintenance professionals.


We know remote and have the fleet to get your mobile plant there with all the required kit, on time and budget.


250T Grove Crane

With a maximum capacity of 250 tonne and 70m of boom this All Terrain Grove Crane is capable of tackling most jobs thrown its way.

  • 70 meter Boom Length
  • 80 tonne Counterweight

100T Liebherr Crane

The All Terrain Liebherr Crane has a maximum lift capacity of 100 tonne and are manufactured to suit on road and off road use.

  • 52 Meters Boom Length
  • 2 6m insert and 21 meters of fly
  • 35 tonne Counterweight

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