55T Liebherr All Terrain Crane

The All Terrain Liebherr Crane has a maximum capacity to lift 55 tonne. Gain access to the tightest site and work at your full potential.

  • 40 meters Boom Length
  • 16 meters Jib Length
  • 12 Tonne Counterweight
  • Dual Winches

60T Tadano Truck Crane

This Tadano Crane is a generalist and specialist device in one. With a maximum capacity at 60 tonne this crane will take you to new heights.

  • 43 meters Boom Length
  • 15.2 meters Jib Length
  • 60 tonne Lifting Capacity
  • Dual Winches

100T Liebherr Crane

The All Terrain Liebherr Crane has a maximum lift capacity of 100 tonne and are manufactured to suit on road and off road use.

  • 52 Meters Boom Length
  • 2 6m insert and 21 meters of fly
  • 35 tonne Counterweight

220T Grove Crane

The Strongest of all the All Terrain Grove Cranes at 220 Tonne capacity offers fast highway speeds and excellent off-road performance.

  • 68 meter Boom Length
  • 21 meter Luffing Fly Jib
  • 77 tonne Counterweight

250T Liebherr Crane

Reach new heights in any remote or unsealed location with the 250T All Terrain Liebherr Crane.

  • 70 meter Boom Length
  • 85 tonne Counterweight

250T Grove Crane

With a maximum capacity of 250 tonne and 70m of boom this All Terrain Grove Crane is capable of tackling most jobs thrown its way.

  • 70 meter Boom Length
  • 80 tonne Counterweight

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